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psalticnotes 2.0

Volume 1, No. 1. (Fall, Winter 2008)

 Introducing psalticnotes 2.0

psalticnotes is a web page originally published over seventeen years ago (Wilmington, North Carolina), yet today, over 50,000 visits and 140,000 page views later it persists as a web presence dedicated to being a resource for students and practitioners of the blessed Psaltic Art, otherwise known as Byzantine Music or Byzantine Chant. The related fields of Byzantine musicology, hymnology, liturgics and typikon are also thoroughly represented here. Readers in the Church will also enjoy the offerings.

In addition to updating the pages by completing much that had been left undone due to the many directions my work takes me, the site has been retooled to comply with developing web technologies, as well as officially entering the Web 2.0 world. I hope it is as much a pleasure to view and read for you as it was for me to create!

The site is organized into three sections: psalticTheoria, psalticBlog, and psalticLinks.

With that introduction, I look forward to receiving your feedback and interacting with you on psalticBlog as we cultivate and strengthen the psaltic community, together, with God’s help.

Technical Note: The psalticNotes Web site utilizes XHTML and Unicode (UTF-8) font encoding. In order to properly read the pages with polytonic Greek or other language texts you will need to make sure your browser is correctly configured and knows where to find the unicode fonts with extended Greek in them on your computer system.

ISSN: 1941-7616   Copyright © 2008, Konstantinos Terzopoulos.

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